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Your love for fashion doesn't have to stop because you entered the magical world of motherhood. Vixsa brings you a range of Baby Wrap Carriers that let you express your creative flair and fashionista style with bub by your side.


All Vixsa carriers are made with soft, breathable Linens and Bamboo to keep your little one cool in summer & warming in winter. Your baby will want to snuggle & stay close for hours.


There's nothing more magical than holding your baby close to your heart. When wearing your baby in your VIXSA Wrap carrier, it allows your little one to be in a state of calmness, warmth and contentment.

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Bamboo Baby Wrap Carriers In Australia

VIXSA was created when two friends became mothers in 2015 and discovered their love of babywearing. 

At this time, there wasn’t a lot of choice in Australia for baby carriers when it came to materials, colours and styles, so Charline and Lekisha created VIXSA to enable parents who wanted to babywear more choice.

Their baby wrap carrier was the signature creation and made of a bamboo/spandex mix with stylish colours.

Bamboo Baby Wraps – Australian Designed Babywear from VIXSA

Following the popularity of the stretchy bamboo baby wrap, they then added the Ring Sling – a linen alternative to the wrap that could last well into toddlerhood – extending the babywearing for both parents.

Now, in a range of colours and styles, VIXSA sells the best baby wrap carrier, available as a single item or save money by buying a bundle – you can choose. 

The VIXSA Difference With Baby Wraps 

VIXSA as a company was born of the frustration that new parents felt when they weren’t offered a great deal of choice when it came to style for babywearing. 

Traditional newborn baby wraps aren’t made with a newborn in mind. When Charline and Lekisha wanted to wear their newborns, not only were carriers more solid, with poor hip positioning or the solid framed carriers, the fabric choice was limited to synthetic, heavyweight material that wasn’t practical – they needed something lightweight, something natural – and something with an element of style. 

Even the VIXSA name is built with their children in mind.

Victoria and Savannah are the inspiration for the whole company, so it is only natural that they should form the name too – Vi X Sa.

The daughters of the founders are also the inspiration behind the best-selling signature fabrics in the VIXSA Wrap – Victoria Skies and Savannah Nights. 

So, why choose a wrap?

The benefits to a parent of a wrap carrier – such as hands-free parenting, effortless travel and managing colic – aren’t the main reason that babywearing is so popular. 

The Benefits Of A Wrap Carrier

Using a stretchy baby wrap has many benefits – to you as parents, but also to our precious babies. Suitable from birth, our Wraps offer you the opportunity to remain close to your newborn – especially in the all-important 4th trimester.

Remaining close to your baby in the first few months helps them remain calmer, aids their development, and reduces the risk of SIDS. You can breastfeed on the go and being constantly close to your baby aids milk production, ensuring that you have the right amount to supply. 

Babywearing in a stretchy baby carrier like our bamboo-based Wrap enables parents to comfortably and confidently wear their babies up until they are a year (ish) old – depending on weight. Our Ring Slings can be used to front carry a baby, or hip carry a toddler – so you can continue to nourish that closeness and that bond, well into toddlerhood. 

VIXSA have also created other products that are created with parents in mind.

We have keepsake toys, journey cards, nursing covers and ladies’ tees. These are perfect for new parents and make excellent baby shower or christening gifts. We also have gift vouchers available – have a look and choose the amount you want to add.

We love a bit of ‘matchy matchy’ here at VIXSA, so we have created ‘Petite’ versions of our most popular lines in wraps and scarves, so your older children can be the same as you – doll or teddy-wearing, with wraps created for their size.

Have a look at all our fabulous bamboo stretchy wraps, and get in touch with us if you’ve any questions.

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